Modern sanitary ware, basins, toilets, taps, showers, baths, shower trays, shower doors, bath screens, wet room panels and towel rails consist of very different materials to comply with the needs of the market with regard to design and functionality. To avoid damage it is necessary to consider certain criteria when cleaning and maintaining all of these products.

When cleaning, the following points must be observed

  • Never use cleaning materials which contain hydrochloric acids, chlorine bleaching lye or acetic acid as they cause considerable damage.
  • Mixing different cleaning agents is generally not permitted.
  • Never use cleaning materials or appliances with an abrasive effect, such as cleaningpowders, sponge pads or micro fibre cloths
  • Limescale has to be removed by regular cleaning.
  • The use of spray cleaners directly onto products can enter openings and gaps in the product and cause damage.
  • Use soapy water only for regular cleaning.


Residues of toiletries such as liquid soaps, shampoos, shower gels, hair dyes, perfumes, aftershave and nail varnish can also cause damage. It is best to rinse with water to remove residues. Damage caused by improper treatment is not covered by our guarantee.

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